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Q: How much money do I need to get started?
Q: Will this System work where I live?
Q: Can I really make a 6-figure income?
Q: Do I need to be a salesman?
Q: Do I need big expensive offices and equipment?
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Car Auction Photos


Auction Photos
A typical day at the auto auction.

System Example

Jaguar S-Type Loaded with Sunroof, CD Changer, and integrated Phone System at 23,000 miles.

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Using Dealership System

Typical cost through the DEALER

Not very smart buying through a dealership. The cost is higher and the savings are ZERO!

Base price
Dealer Prep (A rip)
Sales tax
Total = $38,792.00
Total Savings: $ 0

How much do you save?

Using OUR System

Typical cost through this SYSTEM


Using our buy direct concept: $27,700.00! No dealer prep, No sales tax, and no tag registration! That’s a grand total of $27,700.00!

Base price
Dealer Prep (A rip)
Sales tax
Total= $27,700.00
Total Savings: $11,092.00

How much do you save?

I could go on forever! It doesn’t matter what type of used car or truck you are buying.
This type of savings is common when using our concept!

More Examples: 

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.43.04 AMAcura Legend L Coupe
Black/tan leather and fully-loaded. I bought it for only $7,400.00 (an absolute steal) and then sold it wholesale for $15,300.00. YES! that’s right… I DOUBLED MY MONEY! Sounds CRAZY but it can happen using our SYSTEM.  How About This!

Chrysler Sebring Convertible JX1


Nice, Nice, Nice! Loaded!

Leather, All Power, 20,000 miles. I paid only $12,900.00 for it? Retails for $18,000.00. Could be a $5,000 plus Profit Here!
Jeep Cherokee Laredo Nice Red Truck, loaded with equipment. Can you believe I only paid $11,100.00 for this vehicle? I then sold it wholesale for $13,122.00 within a matter of days, for a gross profit over $2,000.00.

You can make $$$ money on lower cost buy direct cars too – Here are some current examples using actual figures!

See the Profit Below:

Are you beginning to get the picture? Are you getting excited yet?
These are but a few examples of the money that can be saved or made using buy and sell car systems.





Chrysler Sebring 2 door $3000.00 $5400.00 80%
Ford Windstar Van $2805.00 $5900.00 110%
Dodge Caravan $1700.00 $3900.00 130%
Dodge Neon $2400.00 $4900.00 105%
Dodge Dakota $2300.00 $5900.00 155%
Ford Contour $2400.00 $5600.00 133%
Dodge Intrepid $2900.00 $5900.00 105%

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