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Q: Do I need a dealer license?
A: Yes, as in any business you enter into you must have a license. A dealer license gives you the same access as the large dealerships to buy and sell used vehicles.

Q: How much money do I need to get started?
A: Our System allows you to work at any level you desire. You can start with as little as $1,000. You can be profitable with a small investment.

Q: What type of cars should I buy?
A: You may decide to buy only cars under $3,000 and that’s fine. Or, you may decide to only buy exotic cars… or anywhere in between. This is totally up to you and your commitment to the business.

Q: Do I need to be a salesman?
A: No, if you work the System you would only sell at dealer auctions. You never have to deal with the public unless you choose to.

Q: What about money to buy vehicles? How much will I need?
A: We will give you contacts that you can apply to for a floor plan, which is money to buy vehicles, and use the vehicles as collateral. How much money you need is totally up to you and your arrangement with the floor plan company.

Q: Do I need big expensive offices and equipment?
A: No, our System is set up for very little overhead, approximately $300 a month.

Q: Can I really make a 6-figure income?
A: Absolutely! The system works… but you also have to work the system and it will take some effort on your part. You will be rewarded for your efforts.

Q: Will this System work where I live?
A: This has and will work in any state, even in some other countries. It doesn’t matter how small your town is or city is.

Q: I am still working at by job, can I start part-time and build?
A: Yes, you could start with only a few hours a week. Work the system until the system works for you.

Q: What is the $300 a month overhead?
A: Approx. $300/month is broken down for Rent: $100/150 Insurance: $125/150.

Q: Do show me how to get a Dealer License?
A: Yes,our System gives you all the steps necessary to obtain a Dealer License.

Q: It sounds too good to be true!
A: Your right it almost sounds too good to be true! If it weren’t for a 20-year track record I would agree with you.

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